A message from Dr. Margarita Borghini, MD

“I have been practicing medicine for the last 13 years and have taken care of hundreds of diabetic patients.  The traditional approach for management of diabetes has been to lower the sugars by any means.  This means sometimes adding multiple medications and insulin as necessary.

Unfortunately, many of the medications used to treat diabetes and insulin cause weight gain.  As patient continue to gain weight the insulin resistance or diabetes gets worse.  As a result patients gain more weight, requiring more medications and a vicious cycle develops.  Many patients and physicians become frustrated with the inability to lose the weight. Being overweight is one of the main reasons why many people with the right genetic makeup develop type 2 diabetes.  If we can work on getting patients to lose weight, then we would be working on the core of the problem.

The most logical and important treatment for diabetes is to help patients lose the excess weight.  Obviously , not every diabetic patient is overweight.  But for a great number of  type 2 diabetics getting to a healthy weight may mean the difference between adding another medication versus eliminating some if not all of them.  I have treated patients with diabetes who have lost weight and have been able to control their disease without medications” 

Dr. Borghini’s approach to diabetes is aweight centric approach.

We offer an Intense Behavior Modification Program (IBMP).   Patients enrolled in this program are seen in the clinic for group and individual classes.  Patients participate in nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification workshops.

Patients who are Medicare recipient may participate free of cost.

For those patients who live in Hudson County, NJ and are 62 years old and older we offer biweekly exercise classes at no cost.  These exercise classes take place at The Kennedy Dance School.

Dr. Borghini will evaluate each patient individually and identify any medications that can be contributing to the weight gain.  When medications are necessary for the treatment of diabetes, she will maximize those that are weight neutral or that promote weight loss.

Dr. Borghini believes that lifestyle modification, although being a very powerful tool in the treatment of diabetes is underutilized.

“If you are willing to give it a try, if you are willing to change the old habits, if you are willing to believe that you can be healthier and happier, then you have a partner in me” ~Dr. Borghini