What is a Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Program?

We are a physician-supervised weight-loss program. Our team provides treatment under the supervision of a medical doctor, registered dietitian and a fitness specialist. The services we provide include nutrition, physical activity counseling and behavioral therapy.

How Much Does the Weight Loss Program Cost?

The cost to participate in our program varies depending upon the specific needs of the patient.  We customize our programs to meet each person’s individual lifestyle, health and weight loss needs. In general the cost of the program will depend on its length, the number of meal replacement products ( if any) that you use, and the degree of medical supervision you require.

Will Insurance Cover Weight Loss Program Costs?

Insurance companies vary significantly in terms of the services they cover. Our program does not participate in insurance plans.  However, we will provide all the necessary documentation to file claims with your insurance provider.  All food items  (Optifast@) are NOT tax-deductible nor reimbursable by insurance.

Are Weight Loss Costs Tax Deductible Medical Expenses?


The IRS ruled that obesity is a disease in April 2002, as such some of the cost of a weight loss program qualify for tax deductions.  Be aware that in order to use the medical expense tax deduction, your out-of-pocket health care costs must exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.   Please consult with your tax preparer for more information.