Partial Meal Replacement

This is a moderate weight loss diet program appropriate for people with 45 pounds or less to lose, who have not been successful losing weight following a conventional low calorie diet. People following this program replace two meals with OPTIFAST meals are responsible for preparing one meal a day. Patients
are given guidance to help them make good choices.

Calories on the OPTITRIM diet range from 1150-1600 per day. Weight loss ranges from 2 to 2.5 pounds a week for women and 3-4 pounds a week for men depending on how aggressively participants cut calories and increase their activity level.

This option is an excellent option for participants with children they are able to share a healthy meal in the evening with their family.

Dr. Borghini will meet these patients every other week to monitor their progress and adjust any medications. We will continue to see people on the OPTITRIM program weekly for their weight check and classes.