What is Medical Weight Loss-what to expect

Medical Weight loss is a physician-supervised weight-loss program. Our program offers services such as nutrition and physical activity counseling and behavioral therapy.

The Initial Consult:
Dr. Borghini will provide the initial consultation. The initial consult involves a focused medical evaluation for diseases related to obesity and causative factors, along with a physical examination. We will obtain a weight history, which includes past diet attempts.

Many patients come to the clinic with undiagnosed diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, abnormal liver tests or obstructive sleep apnea. Additional testing may be recommended depending upon the medical history and physical findings.

Dr. Borghini will order a complete blood work to diagnose metabolic diseases associated with obesity.
Typically patients will obtain an EKG and a physical exam. We will also determine your metabolic rate or RMR. The resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the rate at which our body expends energy at rest—simply by being alive and doing what a body does at rest, such as taking in air and pumping blood. It is important because any calorie intake above this resting metabolic rate is stored as fat by your body.

A Body composition Analysis will also be measured. The body composition analysis is essential for assessing the risk of developing obesity-related medical conditions. It provides detailed information on weight, impedance, body fat %, body mass index, fat mass, fat-free mass and more.

Dr. Borghini will then make recommendations as to the best dietary approach to the weight loss. This may include a Complete Meal Replacement Optifast program, a Partial or modified meal replacement program-OPTITRIM, or a conventional food diet. Recommendations will be based on patient’s weight loss need and patient’s preference.

A follow up schedule will be determined for consultations with our nutritionist, fitness coach and behavioral specialists. Dr. Borghini will continue to supervise and monitor all areas of your weight loss treatment.

We recognize that obesity is a chronic medical condition that may need the expertise of a variety of medical professionals. We at Center For Medical weight Loss and Nutrition can offer you a well rounded, dedicated and personalized approach that will help you lose weight, modify your behavior and
receive adequate support and motivation to continue with your new healthier lifestyle.